Thursday, April 26, 2007

Marie Crashes the Earth Day Festival

A California blogger named Marie posts about her booth at a local Earth Day Festival.

I tried to avoid having a booth at Earth Day today; honestly I did. I am getting so stinkin' uncomfortable with the whole global warming business, the totalitarian nature of all the demands, the whole earth worship thing. . .but I got a free booth, and capitalism won out. [...]

I get to have a booth at our local Earth Day Festival, comrade, because of our biodegradable cleaning supplies. As usual, though, the ecological crowds bought exactly zero cleaning supplies. Instead, they were buying vanilla, and candles, and dry oil body spray. I even sold a hat and a shirt!

Whatever. The money is green.

Never thought of it like that before, but capitalists have to be the greenest of the greens.

Marie doesn't say whether the hat and shirt she sold were like the one she depicted in the picture above. One can only hope.

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