Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not in Kansas Anymore, Kathy?

Tim Schieferecke, a Western Kansas scarecrow, has the audacity to question the wicked witch of the East who has complained that Bush's policies are inhibiting recovery from the latest tornado disaster:

...I do know what rural folks from anywhere in Kansas are like. Apparently my current leftist Governor Kathleen Sebelius doesn't though, nor does she comprehend the availability of heavy equipment assets. [...]

Western Kansas is wheat country, and where there's wheat there's wheat trucks. [...]

You can't spit without hitting a tractor, spit a little harder and you'll hit one that has a handy scoop.[...]

They will not wait for the government to do this or that, because in the country people still know what it means to be a good neighbor. [...]

Neighbors in the country take care of each other. [...]

Also, I'd like the Governor to explain just how many National Guard troops it takes to seal off a little town of 1500 from looters?[...]

How could ANYTHING have been done differently. Oh yeah, I forgot, Bush created global warming by colluding with big oil, that created the perfect F-5 tornado, and if only he had signed Kyoto this tragedy never would have happened.

Dang sod-bustin' scarecrow! He proves that wheat straw conducts neural impulses much more effectively than politically motivated neurons.

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