Saturday, May 05, 2007


The Kentucky Derby was run today. As you may know, I bet the farm on Crap, I mean Scat Daddy. Scat Daddy was nosed out in a photo finish, ending up 18th out of 20.

All of my soybeans, as well as their futures are presumably somewhere in Kentucky. And the kids were hungry. I trapped a few rats out in the graveyard this afternoon and cooked up one of Grandpa Jerry's old recipes; rat, acorn, and bark stew. After we all ate our fill, surprisingly the kids told me that my secret chewy stewy surprise was much better than our usual tofu and rutabaga dishes. They begged me to tell them what the secret ingredient was. I finally told them that it was penguins that didn't have happy feet. The kids wanted to know if we could have it again tomorrow and I assured them that I would find some more despondent penguins. They skipped off to play and I loaded my rat traps into the pickup.

What really annoys me is that I thought the 'Scat' of Scat Daddy referred to his ability to move quickly, but after the Derby was over, I found out that it really was a reference to the substance of defecation. Rats!

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