Wednesday, June 06, 2007

That's Hot!

Experps from The Paris Hilton Prison Diaries:

Day 3: So that's what a bitch slap is. Wow. Just … wow. MUST remember not to make that sarcastic face again anytime soon.

Day 11: Jayne Mansfield spoke five languages. She was a concert-level pianist. Marilyn Monroe was a Formula One race car driver. Twiggy built her own home, raised guinea fowl and invented penicillin. Eleanor Roosevelt patented commercial air travel. And yet all of us played a role, the blond bimbo, the ditzy, fun-loving "party girl." Roosevelt especially. But what's to say I couldn't be the first person to walk on the moon or be the first woman to go to college?

Day 18: This "Jesus Christ" was an amazing guy. It's so sad he died so young.

Lately I'm identifying with the Jews and all the horrible things that happened to them during Vietnam.

(H.T. Ed Driscoll.)


Lance Burri said...

Ha! Jumped the gun again! She didn't make it past day 3!

Steve said...

No doubt about it, I gotta get better sources!