Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anything Happen in School Today, Dear?

Parents are sending children to school in stab-proof uniforms to guard against knife crime, it has emerged.

They are paying a firm which makes body armour to line blazers and jumpers with a stab-resistant material called Kevlar.

The precautions are aimed at protecting pupils from knife attacks as street crime spills over into schools.

A wave of stabbings involving teenagers includes the killing of promising footballer Kiyan Prince, who was knifed just yards from his school gates in north London.

Kevlar is a synthetic fibre that can be spun into fabric five times stronger than steel and is used in armoured vests worn by British troops in Iraq.[...]1

"Not much, Mom. Billy was shot in the head and Tommy lost his legs to an I.E.D."

"That's nice, Honey. Any homework?"

(H.T. Commonsense and Wonder.)

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