Saturday, August 25, 2007

Have a Cigar!

Linda's hobby is booming. After surviving a heron attack last year, this Koi pair in our backyard pond decided to start a family.

Here are some of their offspring. The variations of color and patterns are remarkable.

Linda and Kim are raising them in two separate tanks. There are about 120 of them. Don't ask me their names... I still get Play-d'oh, Varispottle, and Stockertease mixed up.

In another pond, the always hungry Oscar hopes to celebrate with a Koi fry.

Kim tries to explain to Pepsi that he's still stuck with his Purina.

Kittyanna Katrina Kallikovski-Mayovich bides her time for a luncheon opportunity.

The cigar selected for celebration is the Don Rafael #67 Maduro, by Victor Sinclair from the Dominican Republic. Any takers?

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