Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Opine the French, English, and Poles

Glenn Garvin reports on a PBS special, 'The Anti-Americans (A Hate/Love Relationship)', in the Miami Herald:

[...]a series of interviews with irate French citizens blathering on about how McDonald's is oppressing their country. (This might sound faintly ridiculous coming from anybody else, but actually it is not hard at all to imagine the French army surrendering to Ronald McDonald.) Though, one woman adds sternly, it won't last forever: ''We threw out the Germans, we'll throw out the Americans, too.'' Asks the interviewer in astonishment: ''The French threw out the Germans?'' Well, the Frenchwoman replies airily, ''you Americans helped a little.''[...]
[...] ritual denunciation of George Bush at a languorous British dinner party: ''Why should an idiot society have intelligent politicians?''
[...] ''If something happened here in our country,'' argues actor Krzysztof Jaczar, summing up the national consensus, ``only America would help us.''
I would now like to apologize for every Polock joke that I ever told or laughed at during the 50's, 60's, and/or 70's.

(H.T. Commonsense and Wonder.)

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