Thursday, August 02, 2007

Seeking Lawyer

It's off to Milwaukee this morning to consult with an attorney about our stucco problems with the construction company that installed our windows and exterior trim.

1.) We need to be defended in a lawsuit that claims defamation of the construction company through a WKOW interview spot, Better Business Bureau attempts, and entries on a rip-off website. That should be laughed out of court.

2.) We will more than likely counter sue the company for damages. The lawyer has already seen our 'evidence' and has invited us to consult. He is presently the Chairman-Elect of the Board of Directors of the Construction Law Section of the State Bar, so I expect that we have a good case. We'll see.

It is funny how a couple of calls to the construction company with a few simple questions about our present stucco problems have escalated into this mess.

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