Sunday, September 30, 2007

Didja Feel the Cyberquakes?

Many of you may have noticed various anomalies and glitches in your computer's recent activity. Do not worry; do not attempt to adjust your monitors. Cyberspace is only adapting to the newest edicts passed on to it from the Quadruple Entente.

Although I am not authorized to release a great deal of information at this time, I am allowed to divulge some of the motions that passed within the secret meeting of the four most intelligent bloggers ever to tap dance atop a keyboard. Jib, L bee, tee bee, and I met at a secret location in Afton on Friday to hammer out solutions to several issues confronting civilization in this day and age. The initial meeting place had to be changed due to an apparent leak causing us to be swamped with nosy reporters, autograph seekers, groupies, demonstrators, and paparazzi. After we were able to find a secluded meeting place, we were finally able to get around to 'making a difference- for the children.'

After several hours of vigorous debate, we could not come to a consensus on our first issue. Jib pulled a knife and bisected a fly in midair so all relented and agreed to order a round of Leinenkugels. After that major issue was settled, further progress flowed like urine after a six-pack and an urn of coffee.

We agreed to let the internet continue for at least one more year. The motion to tax by number of keystrokes was tabled.

We honored President Al Gore for inventing the internet web as well as providing fodder for so much humor. L bee carved a little statue of Gore out of a urinal cake and placed it with due dignity within a ceramic mictuary. We made several visits to pay homage to the evergreen scented statue. tee bee abstained, mumbling something about sexism and L bee said, "It's a Man thing, baby... Don't worry your pretty little head about it."

Jib and tee bee wondered if Lance Burri really existed. I assured them that, unless he has sassed Mari Jo recently, he most assuredly probably did.

L bee, tee bee, and Jib voted that I was the strongest argument against both intelligent design AND evolution. I abstained in that I didn't understand the question.

We watched the Brewers lose and the Cubs win the division title. We sobbingly ordered a round of Leinenkugels.

I sure enjoyed meeting these other hateful Conservatives. I have been given renewed faith that, if the Progressives falter in their vigilance to the smallest degree, we will get the upper hand and destroy the world.

I report... You deride.

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