Saturday, September 01, 2007

Washington Gets a Boob Job

Larry Kudlow asserts in his article, 'The Big Easy’s Billion Dollar Boondoggle', posted on NRO:
[...]Perhaps all this money should’ve been directly deposited in the bank accounts of the 300,000 people living in New Orleans. All divvied up, that $127 billion would come to $425,000 per person![...]
Is there any surprise here? The same inefficient results have occurred in public education, the war on poverty, social security, medicare and medicaid, ... and still the Progressives are calling for surges in all these areas plus national health care, national nanny oversight for the sake of the children, for the well-being of the earth, for women, for minorities, for your own good.

In what I think is a related story on, Jennie Yabroff interviews Diana West, author of the book The Death of the Grownup, titling the article, 'Perpetual Adolescence'. Our affluence during the last couple of generations has allowed adults to continue in adolescent levels of responsibility while expecting 'the government' as the parent to assume more and more of it for us while we are out 'doing our own thing' and 'finding ourselves'. Since more than half of the present population is reliant on a government paycheck or payout, it seems that we are a culture welded to the nipple. The strong are well fed and the runts get much less, but cannot envision any other source of sustenance.

There is no surprise that most politicians cater to these notions for election and re-election. It is also no surprise that presently the Islamofascists believe that they can outlast our tepid cultural determination and have their way around the globe.

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