Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How To Beat Hillary
Free Advice to Democrat Presidential Wannabees

Normally I would not be one to give a Democrat presidential hopeful sure-fire advice to beat a favored competitor in their primary, but occasionally I still have acid flashbacks that whisk me back to my Liberal days of the 1970's.

Beyond the superficial hype, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has little to commend her for deserving a four year residence in the White House other than eight years of baking Mary Jane brownies for visitors during her husband's two terms. Nonetheless, she is the leading Democrat candidate for 2008. Unless something changes drastically, she will be the Democrat nominee.

For Senator Obama or John Edwards there is one simple tack that they should take to propel them past Hillary with likely Democrat primary voters. One or both of them should begin portraying Clinton as a female version of George W. Bush.

Hillary R. Bush has stated that she will not pull troops out of Iraq. She sided with Bushhitler on the illegal immigration issue. The documents in the Clinton Presidential Library would show that she is 'W's long lost twin. Insert your own claim of 'in the image of George' here ___________.

Remember, Barack and John, that you will be preaching to Democrat primary voters, so truth, logic, and facts aren't at all necessary. Hillary=George, Rodham=W, Clinton=Bush, over and over again in various and sundry ways. Once that message starts rolling, it will gain a life of its own and grow. You will jet past Hillary in poll numbers like a bat out of hell.

Flashback fading... post over now.

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