Monday, November 12, 2007

Jes' Fer Fun

Dinesh D'Souza in
Richard Dawkins has a bright idea: Atheists are the new gays.[...]

Dawkins explains that gays used to be called homosexual, but then they decided to pick a positive-sounding name like "gay."[...]

Dawkins cited this example in advocating that atheists call themselves "brights."[...]

"Bright" sounds so much happier and, more important, smarter.[...]

But can an atheist "rights" group be far behind? Hate crimes laws to protect atheists? Affirmative action for unbelievers? An Atheist Annual Parade, complete with dancers and floats? Atheist History Month?[...]
Little wonder that Todd and Grandpa John are laying low. They are afraid that Dawkins will out them.

My main interest in this, however, is to be in on the ground floor of a new cottage industry of coining derogatory terms for the new gays, the brights:
-Lite Bright; after an old children's artistic dust collecting toy.

-Maggots; not only for its applicable rhyming value, but also exemplifies the bright Aldous Huxley's confused view of the common man on the street.

-Compact Florescent Lite Bulbs; CFL's, expensive, low energy, dim bulbs.

-Democrats; those that are by far brighter than the rest of us. (It also makes me wonder how deep in the closet Todd really is.)

-Lightning; its thunder loud, its sight frightening. It causes a lot of damage and is about the only thing that will coerce avid golfers to flee the course. Is of no palpable cultural value.
Dawkins has only one legitimate excuse; he's British. And we threw them out almost 225 years ago. Richard, don't let the door hit your behind on your way out and please remember to turn off your bright light as you leave.

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