Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Best Joke- Ever

WARNING! Do not read this if you have any scheduled appointments requiring a stoic demeanor (such as a funeral or shopping for dresses with your wife) within the next 48 hours.

While taking a human neuroanatomy/physiology test many moons ago, I came across this question concerning the human mesencephalon:

37.) What structure(s) is/are considered to be the seat of motivation in man?

I wrote, 'The corpora cavernosa'.

Of course the answer was wrong, but my professor gave me extra credit along with a 'sly dog winking smiley face'.

Toldja! That one still cracks me up.


Pete Fanning said...

Darnit I spit my Pepsi through my nose :)...can't say I wasn't warned tho :)

Todd said...

That's your best joke? That joke is older than I am.

...Actually, that explains a lot.

Al said...

To quote Steven Segal, "You are not wrong, my friend."