Friday, November 02, 2007

Quiet! Postmodernist Trying to Think

John Coté, (SF) Chronicle Staff Writer, reports:
Attorneys for Norman Hsu are prepared to argue in a Redwood City courtroom Friday that the disgraced Democratic fundraiser's 1992 grand theft conviction should be dismissed because prosecutors didn't try hard enough to find him after he skipped out on sentencing 15 years ago.

Hsu failed to show up for sentencing in 1992 after pleading no contest to a $1 million fraud scheme in San Mateo County. He fled to Asia, where he lived for several years, and eventually returned to the United States.[...]

"Mr. Hsu lived an open and public life, and the government made no apparent efforts to arrest him," Brosnahan wrote. "The case must be dismissed because the delay in sentencing violates Mr. Hsu's Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial."

Brosnahan also argues Hsu should be allowed to withdraw his no-contest plea to a single count of grand theft because he has a right to be sentenced by the same judge who accepted the plea in 1992. That judge has since retired.[...]
If Brosnahan loses this case he will appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. There his arguments will be ruled credible.

Free Lyle and Erik Menendez- They are poor orphans.

(H.T. Commonsense and Wonder.)

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