Monday, November 19, 2007

Urgent Message From
The Democrat Party of Wisconsin

November 2007

Dear Mrs. Burri,

A few days ago, I was sitting back and thinking about the last time a Democrat was President of the United States and how it made me feel. It wasn't just that a member of my party was the President, it was something else. I had a feeling of optimism and hopefulness; that things would be better tomorrow, that our country would thrive.

The United States served as a beacon of hope to so many of our neighboring countries. When there was a crisis in the world, American would in some way be a part of making things better.

For eight solid year we were on the right track. We had a strong economy. Budget deficits were a thing of the past. Working families were finally getting ahead. It was a peaceful time.

Like so many others, I felt like it would never end; that good times were here to stay.

Today, after living through seven years of the Bush presidency, my feelings couldn't be more different. I truly despair and worry about this great nation we share.

How will we regain respect in the world?

How will we get our troops out of Iraq and bring to a conclusion this terrible chapter in our country's history?

How will we get average citizens to believe that our Government can do something to affect their lives in a positive way?

In just twelve short months, we will finally have the opportunity to end the disaster of the past seven years. We have a chance to bring hope to a new generation of people who today have none.[...][emphases in original]
Mrs. Burri, we know that you passed away over five years ago, but, nonetheless, we appreciate all the votes that you have given to our candidates since.

When we take back the White House in 2009, not only will those in wheelchairs be able to walk again, but also will those who are dead be able to live again through our embryonic stem cell research projects. We are already planning for your 90th birthday Bush bash!

We know that your estate has already been disbursed, so please contact John Edward or another psychic medium to tell your children to donate to the Democrat Party of Wisconsin. (Except for Grandpa John, of course, 'cause he is already faithful to our world saving causes.) We need more funds to keep sending out mailings to thousands of other people who have long since passed away.

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