Sunday, December 16, 2007

With Supporters Like This...

Former Ambassador and associate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, recently spoke on behalf of Senator Hillary Clinton's run for the Presidency. His basic idea purported that Hillary's support system is far more solid than that of Senator Barack Obama. This fact, asserted Young, would allow Hillary to work her way through the obstacles and the 'sh*t' placed in the path of a leader. He made some pretty good points.

However, there was one particular statement that essentially inserted a stiletto between Mrs. Clinton's shoulder blades. Young's assertion that former President Bill Clinton was 'blacker' than Obama wasn't problematic before the all Black audience, but its corollary, that Mr. Clinton had probably 'gone with more Black women than Barack' was a major slap in the face of Mrs. Clinton. Although joking, Young rubbed salt in Hillary's personal wounds and negated his whole 'stronger support system' argument. How solid is a support system that is lead by a spouse famed for dalliances with interns and supposedly also with Black women?

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