Thursday, January 24, 2008

Confession is Good for the Soul

Now that the MSM buzz over Michael Vick has taken to the back burner and that the statute of limitations has finally expired, I would like to take this time to confess some transgressions of my former life.

Many years ago while living down south, I made a living by training a pride of cats for catfighting and gambling on the matches. It was a big draw in that neck of the swampy woods. It was a cultural thing.

The following pictures show the training of two of my biggest moneymakers:

Killer Kittyanna learns to take pouncing instruction from her corner man:

Ferocious Furball pounces at his opponent's weakness:

Ranked numbers one and two on the World Professional Catfighting Circuit, Ferocious Furball and Killer Kittyanna are matched to the death:

The match ends in a draw. Even the Sunday crossword tie-breaker couldn't break the deadlock.


Andrew Stevens said...

I loved this post. Terrifically funny. However, a group of cats is called a clowder or a clutter, not a pride. (A group of kittens is a kindle.)

Steve Burri said...

Yes, but these murderous critters have the hearts of lions!

The circuit was originally called 'Pride Fighting,' but that title was stolen by some silly TV show.

These pictures are over 10 years old. Patella Axilla Auditory Meatal Furball was hit by a car several years ago, but Kittyanna Katrina Kallikovski Mayovich is retired and still in the household.

Andrew, is your blog available to be read?

Andrew Stevens said...

I'm afraid not, Steve. There isn't much in the blog at all. I had a handful of posts on really boring subjects like epistemology and ethics, but then I got really busy and had to shut it down, much to the disappointment of both of my readers. Maybe one of these years, I'll clean up the posts and start adding new content and open it up.

You should consider "Clutter Fighting," though only a handful of people would get it.