Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Man sends bloody cow's head to wife's lover

How can this story get published with no pictures?

A Westmoreland County man who mailed a bloody cow's head to his wife's lover has been admitted to probation and community service.

Jason Michael Fife..."did step over the line here, but one can certainly understand his frustration, given that the victim was carrying on an affair with my client's wife," Mr. Hilles said.

...The victim received a package containing a cow's head with a puncture wound in its skull on June 1, 2006.

Police said Mr. Fife obtained the cow's head from a butcher's shop, claiming he wanted the dried skull for decoration. Instead, he mailed the head frozen, so as not to alert parcel carriers to the contents, police said. The box became bloody after sitting on the victim's doorstep on a warm day.
Here's the best part:

Mr. Fife and his wife, who have a young child, later reconciled, Mr. Hilles said.
She just didn't realize he cared that much.


Al said...

When you care enough to send the very best...

Lance Burri said...

It was probably a sign of affection back in furtrapper days?

Al said...

As long as you leave all the edible parts.

tee bee said...

Maybe Pennsylvania has more in common with the head-cheese state than you're giving them credit for.

I'm sure that, with a Monroe postmark, there'd have been no conviction at all. As my cousin from Mississippi would say, "Them's groceries."