Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Poll Numbers

After the recent candidate debates in New Hampshire, there was a surprising new movement in the Democrat poll numbers. One candidate that was not even allowed to participate in the debate rose up the ladder to become a possible frontrunner among the Progressives. It would seem that Liberal voters are more interested in action than mere words after all.
WILSON, Wis. -- A Sheboygan County man has been charged with stealing from a 2-year-old.

Investigators said he broke into the girl's town of Wilson home.

"When I came into my daughter's bedroom, there was a man standing by her dresser shaking money out of a piggy bank," Julie Herschleb said.
Ryan Mueller of Sheboygan County, whose actual political party is undisclosed, has astronomically risen in popularity in Democrat polling numbers.

"Mr. Mueller is the epitome of Progressive principles for this election. He represents the courageous individual that will stand up to the rich and their oppressive corporations and will act, not just talk, to defend the poor, downtrodden American," beamed one supporter.

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