Thursday, January 03, 2008

On This Day in Wisconsin History

On This Day: January 3

1918 - Jeane Dixon Born
On this date renowned astrologer and psychic Jeane Dixon was born in Medford. Dixon gave advice to President Reagan and his wife Nancy as well as predicted the death of John Kennedy in office. She wrote several books and authored a daily horoscope column. [Source: Oddball Wisconsin by Jerome Pohlen, p. 17]
She predicted her own birth, too. She also claimed that Tombstone Pizza would put Medford on the map.

1942 - Parker Pen Participates in War Effort
On this date Parker Pen in Janesville was awarded a contract for 35 million parts for anti-aircraft shell fuses. The contract was a subcontract from Borg Corporation in Delavan. [Source: Janesville Gazette]
The pen is mightier than the sword.

1950 - Conversion to Natural Gas Stinks
On this date Wisconsin Power & Light customers in Edgerton, Milton and Milton Junction were converted from manufactured gas to natural gas for heating and cooking. The conversion coincided with an ongoing change in Janesville and Beloit. The conversions were not without temporary drawbacks. The stench of skunk oil was added to the otherwise odorless natural gas so utility workers could more easily detect leaks. [Source: Janesville Gazette]
And today, back in the Milton Holler, they gots a big ol' still and are cookin' moonshined corn squeezins.

1956 - Jail Break in Racine
On this date the Racine County Jail experienced its first jail break. The jail, located on the ninth floor of the County Courthouse, was considered inescapable up until this point. [Source: Racine History Timeline]
I used to work in that building in the juvenile pokey on the 10th floor. On a clear day we could sneak up on the roof and see the Sears tower. One of our inmates was in holding for suspicion of murder. His boot print was found on the victims face in blood. He later fled and was believed to be hiding in Mexico.

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