Friday, January 11, 2008

Polite Conversation Increases List
of Taboo Subjects

Cinnamon Stillwell:
Weather used to be the only safe subject for those trying artfully to avoid the twin topics of discord: religion and politics. But, these days, merely remarking that "it's a nice day" or "stormy weather we've been having lately, eh?" is enough to elicit a tidal wave of doom and gloom. And it matters not whether it's hot or cold outside. All variations in temperature, I'm told by these self-described experts, stem from "global warming."
Another good line:
It tends to be assumed that all health food store shoppers are lefty wingnuts, but a few of us are ex-lefty wingnuts turned conservatives who simply like a little wheatgrass juice with our warmongering.
I assume that Stillwell had hippie parents that named her Cinnamon. So I wonder what her middle name might be... Moonbeam? Cinnamon Moonbeam has an awfully nice ring to it.


Al said...

Who's this Polite Conversation, and who put her in charge?

Steve Burri said...

Amy Vanderbilt, Ann Landers, Emily Post, and Polite Conversation... Where ya been, Al?

tee bee said...

I'm rooting for Cinnamon Snowflake Stillwell. It's sibilant and alliterative.