Saturday, January 19, 2008

Proud to Be a Cheesehead

On this day in Wisconsin history:
On This Day: January 19

1939 - Chicken Plucking World Record
On January 19, 1939 Ernest Hausen (1877 - 1955) of Ft. Atkinson set the world's record for chicken plucking. [Source: Guiness Book of World's Records, 1992]1
Four point four seconds... chicken in the buff!2

Paris Hilton can't even undress that fast.

Colonel Sanders, eat your heart out!

Must have been an otherwise slow day.

This bodes well for the Packers on Sunday.

Jib, I hope you live blogged the Ernest Hausen Day Festival in Fort Atkinson.


Jib said...

We don't talk about chicken pluckers in Fort's the town's dirty little secret.

Jib said...

I just looked up Hausen in the phone book, and it appears that three members of the family still live here. I'm half tempted to call them and see if they are celebrating Ernest's accomplishment today.