Thursday, January 31, 2008


Peter Hannaford writes in The American Spectator:
He's dashing, he's determined and he's moving like a dervish to get France off its duff and become the leading country in Europe. President Nicolas Sarkozy, who charmed the socks off a joint session of the U.S. Congress not so long ago, recognizes that France must be more than wine, food and fashion. So, he has become the world's foremost salesman of nuclear energy.[...]

Nuclear power generation was decided on some years ago by the French as the cleanest, most efficient way to provide electricity. Today, some 80 percent of the country's electric power comes from a sophisticated network of nuclear power plants.

France has become a world leader in nuclear reactors, the design, construction and operation of power plants, and the treatment of waste. In France, all the suppliers in this chain of activities are owned by the state. France's Atomic Energy Commission can help a client country set up the necessary regulatory framework. Areva constructs reactors and transmission networks. Alstom, the French engineering company, is a supplier of nuclear steam turbine generators. Electricite de France, which operates 58 nuclear power stations in France, can train the client country personnel in operations.
Progressive response: Dependence on foreign oil-bad. Drilling in ANWAR or off our own coasts-bad. Nuclear power-bad. Using agricultural land to raise food for burning-good.

We need to encourage Congress to enact laws and fund research to develop genetically superior hamsters trained to turn wheels that power generators for electricity to enlighten our nation with CFL's and power sub-Yugo cardboard automobiles.

And sick, lame, lazy, and aged hamsters make a great stew.

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