Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So I went for a walk at lunchtime today...

It was about 14 degrees outside. Something like that. By the time I got back, my face felt like rubber. My skin was so cold I could barely form words.

Moreso than usual, even. Beat you to it, Steve.

That got me to thinking: when it's really cold out for a football game, that must happen to the coach and quarterback, too. Do they take that into account when choosing terminology?

I mean, when they call plays, especially at the pro level, it takes a few seconds. It's like a dozen-word process. "Seventy-two split draw fake left fourteen option spaceship Marsha claw." Stuff like that.

I just wonder: do they choose words that will be easy to pronounce - and understand - after you've spent three hours out in single-digit temperatures?

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Steve Burri said...


Although most of these guys are college grads, many aren't that smart and many are from the South. Slurred words are part of the culture, so that probably allows them to understand and play at a higher level.

'Y'all block dat dude an' I'll bite off his laig.'

'Run, Forrest, run!'

'Dat dude sayd yo mama was so fat dat wen de dokter say she had a flesh eatin' diseez, she only had 87 years to live.'