Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Cornerstone

'Hope', 'Change', 'Yes, we can!' This aspect of Barack Obama's campaign depicts a foundation stone for the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives. David Stove, the late Australian philosopher, plumbed the depths of this philosophy back in January, 1988, in Commentary magazine:
They just thought, like [Bertrand] Russell, that it would be much nicer if everything were much nicer, and there is nothing, after all, to stop us making everything much nicer, since all that is needed is for all to be much nicer, more reasonable, kinder, etc.
After decades of little success through education and legislation directed toward the fulfillment of these principles, there are many who would suggest a more tried and true method; the guillotine.

(H.T. Keith Burgess-Jackson.)

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