Friday, March 21, 2008

Decision: 2008

The blood soaked Democrat primary has run its course. The Denver Democrat convention has come and gone. The casualties are piling up. Still there is no Democrat selected to oppose Republican John McCain in the November Presidential election.

Each state's Supreme Court has weighed in on the process. With 50% of the justices ruling for Hillary and 50% ruling for Barack, no nominee could be chosen.

Some pundits had suggested an appeal to the United States Supreme Court, but this has been rejected by the Democrats who retain a bad taste in their mouths from the fixed 2000 election. Hillary complained that there were no women on the Court and Barack that there were no Blacks. When it was explained that Ginsburg was a woman and that Thomas was Black, both candidates proclaimed that this election is not about gender or race. (Clinton was heard to whisper, "Bader Ginsburg's a woman?" Obama stated that Uncle Thomas wasn't genuinely Black.)

The selection dilemma has been solved. The Democrats have unanimously agreed to take the problem to the United Nations Human Rights Council and will abide by their wise decision.

"We will get justice from Angola and Egypt. That's for sure. And our stature among the international community will be restored as well."

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