Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

At the end of December we Christians practice diversity by encouraging a moment of silent prayer for those who faithfully practice the ancient religion of Festivus.

Pictured here is Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle at the Wisconsin State House Festivus celebration sponsored by The Freedom from Religion Foundation. Governor Doyle has just completed a 3 hour "Airing of Grievances" ritual and is preparing for the "Feats of Strength" contest against Peg Lautenschlager. (Doyle was pinned and so the Festivus celebration was completed.)

(Many claim that Governor Doyle is anti-Wisconsin business, but the Festivus Pole pictured was manufactured in Milwaukee.)
(Photo by

Now, during our Easter season, we recognize that there are those who worship at a different altar.

The Debate: "It Is Finished."
(From The Cutting Edge.)

Our remembrance was brought to bear as we prepared for and initiated our Easter egg hunt for the grandbabies. Under the auspices of the climate change crisis we adapted well. First, we did not hard boil the eggs, knowing that global warming would take care of that for us. Second, we did not color the eggs, knowing that the white eggs would be well hidden in plain sight on our lawn by its volcanic ash covering.

The kids had a great time finding the hidden prizes which, indeed, were hard boiled when found. But when Colie accidentally dropped one on the kitchen floor, we discovered that it was actually frozen. Go figure. That global warming stuff is tricky business.

The Christmas celebration together with the Easter celebration result in a daily Thanksgiving celebration.

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