Friday, March 28, 2008

Trying My Hand at Spin

Senator Hillary Clinton has taken a lot of flak for her false claims concerning her 1996 Bosnia trip. She claimed the plane that she was on had to maneuver a corkscrew landing while under sniper fire and that she and the other passengers disembarked with heads low and quickly scrambled to safety.

The only problem was that it didn't happen. Therefore, her trustworthiness has taken a serious hit.

I claim the contrary; that this non-incident makes her appear Presidential. When, during her Bosnia visit, the scuttlebutt came down of the mere potential of sniper fire, Presidential Clinton swung into leadership mode. Her concern was not for herself, but for America's children (Chelsea was aboard), Minority Americans (Sinbad was on the flight), the American middle class (news and camera crew), and America's heroic military (pilots and crew). Her only concern was for them. When speaking erroneously about the actualities, she automatically reverts back to that 'leadership' mode of concern for all things American.

Who could fault Hillary for these things?

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