Saturday, May 10, 2008

Barack Obama

Many commenters have made quite an issue of Senator Obama's refusal to wear an American flag pin on his lapel. Many seem to feel that Mr. Obama is unpatriotic even though his wife, Michelle, has finally expressed patriotic pride in being an American.

How willfully blind and quick to jump to spinning conclusions. The truth of the matter is that Barack Hussein Obama is an uber-patriot.

Back in 2007, after he realized that 10,000 hard working Americans were killed in Kansas by a global warming induced tornado, Barack decided to make a difference.

The Senator, soon to be President, is hatching a secret plan to help keep the unwashed American masses safe. Although poorly understood in its implementation, he has chosen to annex other parts of the world to increase American standing within the international community.

7 to 10 other nations are in his sights. Although Senator Obama has not specified which nations are soon to be annexed, he was direct in his disclosure. Also shown in this link is the lapel pin that Barack will soon be wearing with American uber-patriotic pride.

Obama's cohort in imperialism, William Ayers, helped plant the seeds for this national defense tactic back in 2001. Mr. Ayers' love of country also has been misrepresented egregiously. He was only performing the funeral for the simple 50 star American flag.

Some in my secret basement laboratory speculate that the nations to be annexed will be nations of color. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama cabinet member, is expected to head evangelization of them with his people-of-color liberation gospel as they have already been long oppressed by past Amerikkkan foreign policy.

Barack, you da man... wid da plan!

The potatoe lives!

Photo by Andy Green
(Obama is on the left)

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