Wednesday, May 28, 2008

But, I Had a Scenic View

I spent the greater part of Tuesday wondering what Lance was doing.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. It was somewhat cold and windy, but the sun was out and it was such a wonderful Spring day. However, we were not able to get out and enjoy it. My wife was being deposed by our adversary's lawyer. And deposed. And deposed.

The young barrister started at 9:00 AM and didn't finish until 5:00 PM. There were a few bathroom breaks and a short lunch break. We went about a block down Main St. and had lunch at an Irish/Celtic? restaurant while we discussed strategy with our own lawyer.

When the adversary finally finished at 5, our lawyer asked the lawyers for WKOW and another defendant if they had any questions for Linda. Their answer was summed up by the WKOW representative, who spread out his arms and said, "Thankfully, no." During the deposition I counted him rolling his eyes 873 times.

Linda kicked butt!

During this whole time we were sitting in a 9th floor conference room. Out the window, just across the street was the state capitol. A little further in the background was Lake Mendota; a scenic view. I thought I saw Lance on a lawn chair up on the parapet working on his tan most of the afternoon.


tee bee said...

What the crap is going on? You suing Lance, and he just sends his flacks to hassle your wife?

Seriously, dude - hope everything's okay and y'all are just playas.

Steve Burri said...

It's all been very interesting and quirky. We are being sued by a company that presently exists for defaming a company that ceased existing in 2003.

We recently made a motion for summary judgment which failed, but the judge ordered that our suit against our adversary would be tried before his defamation against us. We are set for a November jury trial.

Our lawyer's argument before the State Supreme Court on a similar case proved effective and he is awaiting another ruling that would help our cause if it comes back favorably.

I presume that our adversary was licking his chops lusting after the 'deep pockets' of WKOW. But, by tacking us on along with it, he may have bitten off more than he wants to really try to chew. Our lawyer is goooood. (He might be a low-down, dirty bushwhacker, but he's OUR low-down, dirty bushwhacker!)

tee bee said...

Can you give a link? I don't quite follow...

I hope you've been able to retain Rob Neuhouse or someone from Dewey, Cheatham & Howe.