Sunday, May 18, 2008

Forget the Condom

Get a Hazmat suit.

Doug Giles:
Look, if I were a teenager today I would not be sexually active. The reason being? Well, I’d like to say it would be solely motivated because I was “on fire” for God, but I’d be lying. It would be because I wouldn’t want to be “on fire” with a festering, cauliflowered, pus-laden, reoccurring sore showing up on my wedding tackle for the rest of my life. But that’s just me.


tee bee said...

Steve, they think of these things like they think of a flu or a cold. I had one student write a research paper on HPV, "because I have it." She was 23.

Also, Valtrex (genital herpes outbreak suppressant) is more prescribed than ibuprofin.

Steve Burri said...

The stats and realities are astounding.

HeatherRadish said...

When I was in college, the sex-ed in freshman orientation was a slide show of festering "wedding tackle." Now the sex-ed in freshman orientation is about how to make group sex "more enjoyable."

I don't FEEL that old, but apparently I am.