Friday, May 02, 2008

The Work of Outside Agitators

I expect that at least a few members of the Badger Blog Alliance are behind this:
SAN JOSE (AP) ― About four dozen Republican college students are raising their voices in protest over an issue near and dear to them: a new proposed tax on beer.

Assemblyman Jim Beall, D-San Jose, has proposed a tax on beer makers that would add almost $2 to the price of a six pack to help eliminate the state's budget deficit.[...]

Other students protested outside of Beall's office waving signs that read "No Taxation on Intoxication!"
Lance, Jib, and tee bee are surely involved, but I'm not sure which of the rest have agitated these young 'skulls-full-of-mush.'

Please note that no beer was thrown off beer trucks into water sources other than that filtered through the kidneys first.


tee bee said...

I haven't been in California since January. Chris, otoh, has probably been promising Leinie's for everybody if they get out there and irk their elders.

Steve Burri said...


Long ago you made and kept contacts in California just waiting for a single piece of the rare 'loony' legislation coming out of that sane state. When something questionable is brought up, you strike.

tee bee, the internets agitator.

And worse, you try to blame Chris. As if any of us were to believe that Californians have the class to lust after Leinie's.

HeatherRadish said...

$2 tax on a six-pack? That's criminal.