Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joys of Grandpahood

One of the great pleasures of being a grandpa is have a grandchild crawl up on my lap and listen to and learn some of the old nursery rhymes that I learned as a child. We even put some to song.

Here are some of my favorites:
Constie Twoshun formed a great wall
Constie Twoshun had a great fall
All the Lefty judges and all the Liberal men
Didn't want Constie put together again.

Barack and Hill
Went through the mill
To get the nomination.
Hill fell down
And broke her crown
Leaving only Obamanation.

Baa, baa, black sheep
Have you pulled any wool?
Yo, yo, home boy,
Three bags full;
One for the voters
And one for that dame
And one for the taxpayers
Americans living in shame.

Barack be nimble
Barack be quick
Barack jumped over
Hillary's schtick.

Barack jumped high
Barack ducked low
Barack tossed grandma
'neath the bus for show.

Barry, Barry quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With hopeful change and lack of brains
And all those freakin' weeds.

Tax-a-cake, tax-a-cake, Democrat man
Raise my taxes as fast as you can.
Take it and spend it and earmark it with a 'B'
And put it in pockets for supporters and thee.

Ring around the rosies
A pocket full of posies
Taxes, taxes
We all fall down!

John, John the Democrat one
Stole your cash and away did run.
The cash was eat
And John was beat
And John was swiftboated
Down the street.

Eency, weencey Al Gore
Whose mouth began to spout.
Down came the vote
And washed poor Al Gore out.
Out came the sun
And dried up all that was sane.
So Eencey Weencey Al Gore
Began to spout again.
I know some of the lyrics are not those of the original, but some of the language had to be modernized to keep the correct meaning.


HeatherRadish said...

When I was that age, I had a whole anti-Carter stand-up schtick my dad taught me, mostly to annoy his sister. I think I was born because my mom wouldn't let him get a dog. :P

Steve Burri said...

That schtick would be solid gold today!