Saturday, June 21, 2008

Levees Fail
Old Rug in Danger

No one ever accused Grandpa Jerry of being a civil engineer or an anchor-clanking, swabbing squid Seabee a la John Wayne. His sand-bagging expertise is of a different sort.

Jerry and Cheryl have so far been quite fortunate. They are one of the few houses in the area that has not experienced some flooding, great or small. It's gonna be close, but I suspect they will escape damage. Their house is over 300 feet from the shoreline of this 10,500 acre lake.

Jerry: Remember to remove the sandbags as the water recedes to let it return to Lake Koshkonong.


Lance Burri said...

Ah. I'd wondered why nobody called us about the annual Fourth of July picnic.

Steve Burri said...

Uhhh... yeah, That's the ticket!

The flood, that's it!