Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama's Election Will Not End Racism &
Tiger Woods May Prove It

According to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Charles Steele Jr., president and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference:
Barack Obama is “of the system. He’s going to be in the system,”...

“Because he has no slave blood in him. He does not have any slave blood in him, but Michelle does.

“This system is an issue. I don’t care what you say. You can’t expect the system that enslaved you save you,”...
Just in case that isn't sufficient proof for you guilt ridden deniers, I propose that the following reality will enlighten even the KKK and the Skinheads:

If Tiger Woods doesn't return from his knee surgery with 100 straight victories and leave Jack Nicklaus as a golfing footnote, pernicious racism is proven beyond any possible penumbra of any shadow of all doubt.

Tiger's White surgeon, Thomas Rosenberg, sounds Jewish, took a portion of Tiger's right hamstring tendon and repaired the torn ACL on his left knee. This was intentionally done to insure that Tiger would not return to his dominating form. Tiger's right hamstring was handed down from his 1/4 White heritage and his left knee is from his 1/4 Black heritage. Any failures during Tiger's rehabilitation and comeback will prove White racism.

Hey, it's as logical as using 'slave blood' as an argument, isn't it?

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