Saturday, August 02, 2008

All Cultures Equal in Value- Except the U.S.
An Early Study

In the New York Sun, Richard Pipes reviews a book by Tim Tzouliadis titled Banished: 'The Forsaken'. This book tells of those Americans who understood the evils of American culture and capitalism to follow their ideals of hope and change by emigrating to the Soviet Union during the depression:
[...]They came to Russia full of enthusiasm, bringing with them baseball and jazz, and eager to acclimatize.[...]

And the migrants were themselves quite unprepared for the poverty and lawlessness which characterized life under Stalin, and in many if not most cases decided to leave. They soon learned, however, that when they surrendered their American passports upon stepping on Soviet soil (passports which were then used by Soviet agents in America), they had become, automatically, Soviet citizens. Protests and appeals to the American authorities qualified the émigrés in Moscow's eyes as troublemakers and led to their arrests, followed by confinement in concentration camps.[...]
Hope and Change

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tee bee said...

You know what they said as they were carted off, don't you?

"It's a fair cop."