Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democrat Convention One-Liners

Mark Hemmingway: "Barack Obama — because he’s better than the other guy” would prove to be an especially compelling campaign slogan."
That sums up why I'm voting for John McCain, too!
Jim Geraghty: "...undecided voters at home may have wondered why the podium had been hijacked by an aspiring comedian in a bolo tie."
'Cause Al Franken ain't funny!
Kathryn Jean Lopez: "Rest assured, guys. You’re still good for something. Some of you are bringing sexy back. At the Unconventional Women event, Dem Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar shared a personal story. One day, she saw her husband walking with a pink box. What was he doing? “I’m going to Jim Webb’s wife’s baby shower.” Sen. Klobuchar gushed to the gathered gals: “That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”
He did that at Rielle Hunter's baby shower, too!

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