Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grandpa John's Olympic Minute

-Sure Michael Phelps has won 7 gold medals, but he's only set 6 World records... Punk!

-If the U.S. Men's Basketball team somehow doesn't win the Gold, will King James gain the moniker 'LeBronze'?

-It is reputed that one of the Chinese female gymnasts came out of her mother's womb eight years ago with a double sommersault/2-1/2 twist dismount and stuck the landing on the placenta.

-Kobe Bryant shows more respect for the country in two seconds than the whole Democrat Party has in the past 40 years.


Al said...

Thank you, Mr. Bryant.

Prosqtor said...

"LeBronze" was James' nickname for a while after the bronze medal "performance" of the US Men's Basketball team in the '04 Olympics. My brother still refers to him that way. As should we all until the moment the National Anthem is playing for them over the medal platform.

Steve Burri said...

How about... if they don't win gold, we call Mike Krzyzewski 'Coach D-K'?

tee bee said...

It's only a myth about the girl sticking the landing. Her feet were clearly outside the white lines, and the event wasn't held in Beijing.

Also, she bobbled the dismount a little, but that's only a loss of a tenth of a point. Considering the degree of difficulty, it didn't hurt her in overall points.

Can you tell We've been watching the gymnastics portions?

Steve Burri said...

tee bee Karolyi,

You must write in an Eastern Bloc accent.

tee bee said...

Karolyi was GREAT when he poured out his outrage the other night, when the Chinese Yet Again got high scores in spite of multiple mistakes.

I do a wicked Natasha. Come, Bodis, ve must get Moose and Sqvurrel!