Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Possible Controversy

If the Obama/Biden ticket is successful and is voted into the White House, I can envision an immediate international controversy. Who will then be considered the nation quickest to surrender to threats? Will France, who has recently began to evolve some backbone, retain the World leadership or will Obama and the Democrats supplant their reign? The Leftists in France will not be happy with the competition.

Outwardly, the French proclaim their support for Obama, but inwardly they are very concerned that his election will turn them into Third World Surrenderers. Secretly, they are rooting for McCain/Palin so they can continue their snooty disdain for all things American.

(Photo: Jan Jacobsen)

During his February visit to Janesville's G.M. plant, Obama told these employees, "Although Democrat energy policies and regulations will ultimately cause your plant to close down and you all to lose your jobs, I have a plan to retool this plant from the production of automobiles to the manufacture of world class white surrender flags."

(Photo: Jerry Burri)

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