Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin/Eagleton Connection

For a time before her speech at the Republican National Convention, it was promoted by some writers that Sarah Palin would be dropped from the ticket just like Thomas Eagleton was by the McGovern ticket in the 1972 election. That projection has lost all traction now, but, in reality, there actually is a connection between Sarah Palin and Thomas Eagleton. And further connections are even worse.

Sarah Palin has been and perhaps still is a member of the Assembly of God and its branches. That means that she has a lot in common with John Ashcroft, George Bush's Attorney General from 2000-early 2005, who is also a member of the Assembly of God. When Ashcroft was first nominated for the post, Thomas Eagleton stated, "John Ashcroft would have been my last choice." No confirmation has yet been found as to Eagleton's thoughts on the selection of Palin to the McCain ticket. Since Thomas Eagleton passed away in 2007, ACORN is the only possible source of information on this issue and they have not returned my calls.

Another awkward connection to Sarah Palin via the Assembly of God is James Watt, President Reagan's Secretary of the Interior. Here are a couple of quotes from Watt:
"We will mine more, drill more, cut more timber."

"[Algore-ish enviromental group] A left-wing cult dedicated to bringing down the type of government I believe in."
Can the Republicans afford a Vice Presidential candidate with connections to Ashcroft, Watt, and Eagleton?

There is even a worse connection to come from this that has not receive much press as of yet... much to my surprise. The Assemblies of God believe in speaking in tongues. There's a firestorm that will send the Liberals into a frenzy of religious fanatic caricatures. Ironically, with all the unintelligible babble that has hit the presses lately, it seems that they are all speaking in unknown tongues.

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