Friday, September 05, 2008

Sterling North Reprise

One of my favorite books as a kid was Rascal, written by Sterling North. Not only was it a good story about a boy and an orphaned raccoon, its setting was nearby Edgerton, the Rock River, and Lake Koshkonong.

We recently lived the story of Rascal. Our orphaned raccoon was named Buster Snicklefartz.

A Helpless Orphan

A Close Pal

Started Smoking...

...And Joined a Violent Gang

An Intrepid Explorer

Lazy Bum

Time to Perpetrate Mayhem

Found a Hot Raccoon Dude on the Internet


This little critter was loads of fun while being the biggest pain in the patoot on the planet. It is little wonder that none of the many animal rehab places that we contacted wanted a young Buster Snicklefartz.

We just finished watching the Disney production of Rascal.

We will miss her and not.


Al said...

That's not what I did with the last raccoon I found.

HeatherRadish said...