Friday, October 10, 2008

Lance Burri
Derelict On Grandpa John's Blogging Duties

It's pretty bad when I gotta do Lance's Grandpa John's blogging duties for him. This photo by Lance taken in Portage, WI, was originally posted on Badger Blog Alliance along with insightful comment:

Still, where's ACORN when you need them? Somebody get this guy a voter registration form!

UPDATE: A member of Lance's entourage, wishing to remain anonymous, informed me that Lance felt it prudent to distance himself from me now in case he decides to run for something later. Obama is having trouble with his associations with Ayers, Dohrn, Rezko, Wright, Phleger, and Khalidi. Lance wants to forego those difficulties.

My press secretary's response: "You're S.O.L., Lance. Obama isn't related to those people, Steve's your blood relative, so unless you want to fake your birth certificate..."


Lance Burri said...

We choose our friends. Our uncles are thrust upon us.

Al said...

So you think that makes you safe, eh?