Sunday, November 02, 2008

'A Billion Here, A Billion There,
Pretty Soon It Adds Up to Real Money'
-Everett Dirksen

(The main purpose for this post is to get Lance's pumpkin butt* off of the top of our blog.) Eeeewww!

Karl Rove writes in the Timesonline:
Not only did this race get going earlier, it got going harder as well. Democrats had their first primary debate 22 months ago and their second a month later.

This will be America’s most costly presidential race. Barack Obama will spend north of $700m and John McCain more than $450m. Add the other candidates and third-party groups and the total expenditure will break $2.4 billion.

This may seem a lot but Americans annually spend $8 billion on haircare products, $64 billion on soft drinks and $577 billion on convenience store purchases, so $2.4 billion isn’t too much to pick the leader of the free world.
*I do not mean to imply that that is Lance's butt, but rather, Lance's post of a pumpkin butt.

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*Either way, that was just wrong. Thanks for dropping it, um, below the fold.