Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jarheads

Sgt. Grit tells a funny for the occasion:
The National Science Foundation announced the following study results on U.S. military recreation preferences:

1. Sport of choice for Marines: bowling.
2. Sport of choice for Sailors: football.
3. Sport of choice for Soldiers: baseball.
4. Sport of choice for Coast Guardsmen: tennis.
5. Sport of choice for Airmen: golf.

Notice how the farther down the list you go, the smaller their balls get.
The second portion of the National Science Foundation study also showed that the farther down the list you go, the larger their brains got.

Take that, Grandpa Sailor Jerry! If you don't believe Grandpa Soldier Steve, just ask Todd or Lance.

And a Happy Veterans Day tomorrow.

(H.T. Blonde Sagacity.)

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