Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Obama Mania

Aside from the usual Obama souvenirs; the posters, pins, buttons, mugs, tee shirts, hoodies, action figures, thongs, and sex toys, one small group of entrepreneurs in New York state have run into some legal difficulty with their original product sales.
Sheriff's deputies and investigators have broken a heroin distribution ring that dished out narcotics across more than half of Sullivan County.

The alleged dealers were pushing a variety of heroin that they called "Obama." Chaboty said dealers are known to stamp the glassine wax paper that carries the heroin with brand names — like "Black Death" or "Blue Sunshine" — so that users can identify their preferred brands. This drug ring's stamp happened to carry the new president's surname.
It was the most popular brand among Democrat street people, intellectuals, and politicians. They preferred it to 'Black Death' and 'Blue Sunshine' 5-1. They are now requesting a bail out.


SinlessTouch said...

Obama sex toys are top rated!!!

Steve Burri said...

Yeah, I heard that the heroin was top notch, too.