Friday, February 20, 2009

Back in My Day

This whipper-snapping younger generation often makes fun of us mature Americans for our genuinely true stories of the hardships of our youth. Deep snow, long walks to and from school, gettin' whippins, lard sandwiches (with a bit of sugar!), picking impetigo sores, a black and white TV that will only work with a butter knife inserted into the channel changer, hand washing the '59 Pontiac in the middle of winter, a broken leg and not seeing a doctor for three days?? Tell us another whopper, Gramps!

Well, little wet-behind-the-ears one, did I ever tell you about the family of rats that shared our bedroom with us? Grandpa Jerry set one of dad's beaver traps and caught one of the pups. It measured 30". Boy, was its mom mad. (I'm glad we also had a Browning 12 gauge automatic):

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