Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Fountain of Youth

Eat your heart out, Ponce de León, or let the Aztecs eat it out for you. But we here in America have discovered what you were looking for. We have elected the fountain of youth.

Karen Hall:
One of the major reasons for the current insanity is that our president is mind-numbingly immature.

That's why my college-aged children love him so much. He's exactly the same age they are. He cares about the same things -- saving the world based on feelings with no regard to reality and no concern about either history or the future. A vision of utopia that most people have realized, by age thirty or so, cannot co-exist with human nature. And mostly, the thrill of the PAR-TAY!
The Teeny-Bopper Party President
I would also add "The Bubble Gum Party President."

Recently, Direct TV has been airing an add depicting a cable company's board meeting. In it they come up with the slogan 'Youthanize America.'

You say, 'toe-MAH-toe', I say, 'toe-MAY-toe.' You say, 'Youthanize,' I say 'Euthanize.' Either way, the results of the present administration will not be a GOOD death.

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