Saturday, March 21, 2009

We'll Get It Right This Time

The International Relationologists in our secret basement laboratory recently related some information that their spies had gathered.

Through tapping cell phone and internet traffic, placing bugs, and setting cameras in strategic spots in Tehran they were able to establish that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton secretly visited with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad there without preconditions.

Apparently, in trying to relieve international tension and bring hope & change to U.S./Iranian relations, Hillary presented Ahmadinejad a 'reset button' as a symbol of our blossoming friendship. One of our hidden cameras got a good shot of the box, but couldn't maneuver to photograph the obviously gleeful Mahmoud.

When inspecting the photo, our Farsi speaking Iranian expert declared, "That script written in Farsi does not say 'Reset,' but instead says 'Jews and Christians are pigs.'"

I expect that U.S./Iranian relations are much improved. President Obama is, indeed, making the world love us again.

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