Friday, March 20, 2009

Ya Followin' Me, Teleprompter Guy?

Selected images from the Huckster Hall of Fame:

Vince, "You're gonna love my nuts," Offer:

(UPDATE: Smitty on The Other McCain relates one of Vince's recent legal hassles. The hooker seemed to love more than just his nuts.)

Billy, "Hi! Billy Mays here," Mays:

Ron, "But wait, there's more," Popeil:

Barack, "Thank you, President Obama," Obama:
Displaying his new "Mr. Special O-lympics Head" action figure.

Some of the famous Obama products:

-Obama's Pocket Taxerman
-Mr. Teleprompter, a hand-held talking points prompter.
-Electric Economy Dehydrator
-MSM Bedazzler
-Turbo Tax Vac
-Fixit Economy Remover

...and many, many more.

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