Saturday, April 11, 2009

(Blank) Quick Schemes

Among all the multitude of 'Lose Weight' fast, 'Get Rich' quicks schemes that swirl around the internet and TV, we just may have found something that really works.

J.C. Arenas points the way:
Graduate from college, follow war hero father's presidential campaign around the country, bash a few conservative heavyweights, hit the talk show circuit, and voila!

Six figure book deal.
In my case, there are a few very slight obstacles to overcome. I'll have to order a college degree somewhere. I'll have to lie about my dad's war heroism and presidential campaign. But, this blog is as good as a talk show circuit and...
Rush Limbaugh is a fat, drug-addled blowhard.

R. S. McCain is related to John McCain from their slave owning days.

Rachel Lucas is British, with a minor in French.

Mark Steyn uses a fake accent.

Kathy Shaidle is really 5'1".

Lance is a spelunkophobe.
Six figure book deal publishers, I can be reached at...


Lance Burri said...

Does that mean I'm afraid to cave?

Steve Burri said...

With only a slight prepositional error, you are spot in.